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I woke up to the sound of a loud noise and realized within a second two things: first, this was not where I remembered being last, and second, that I wouldn't have gone to bed in a place like this. I had either been kidnapped then, or this was a dream-- like the kind I used to have about a family that never was. The sheets smelled like... Like, cleanliness. Sterile. I got out of bed.

Where was I? The drawers had gray uniforms, neatly folded. There were no toys-- just this journal, and a few other things. Bars in the one, narrow window I have. I had a thought. The voice from the ceiling speaker comfirmed: "...Let us begin group discussion and therapy today for the next few hours." An asylum. I knew where I had been before, working on the Kira case, and I knew were I was now.

All that's missing now is everything in between. Like working with a puzzle, I have the outer pieces. I just need to fill everything else in between.

I guess I can always start with the people.

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